MONI Home Security and Alarm Monitoring

Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer is an authorized dealer of MONI Smart Security. We offer smart home security systems and home automation with Wi-Fi connectivity to easily access your home no matter where you are. The security system connects with MONI’s award winning Alarm Monitoring Center through alert systems and two-way voice capabilities. With 24/7 alarm monitoring from MONI, your home stays safe and secure at all times. Contact us today at 866.364.5184 to learn more about installing a security system with home automation in your home.

These are just some of the benefits of MONI smart security systems:

  • Wi-Fi Connected Security Equipment
  • Live and Recorded Camera Footage
  • Real-time Notifications to Your Smart Devices
  • Mobile App for Easy Accessibility from Anywhere
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring with MONI
  • Home Safety Devices Including Fire & CO Sensors
Moni Monitoring Center

Get 24/7 Alarm Monitoring When You Choose Moni Smart Security.

Our goal is to provide home security to make you feel comfortable and safe knowing your home is secure even when you are away. You can check on your property simply by accessing the companion app. The alarm system can even send you notifications to alert you if a door was left unlocked or the garage door isn’t closed.

For more information about the benefits of home security with a MONI smart security system, contact us today at 866.364.5184.

Home Security

MONI Home Security System

Moni Home Security Equipment

Have A Completely Secure Home With Moni Security Equipment.

A home security system gives you peace of mind knowing that your home, your belongings, and your family is safe and secure. With state-of-the-art security equipment and award winning monitoring service from MONI, your home is secure 24/7. The security system is connected through wi-fi allowing you to access your alarm system from any of your mobile devices. You’ll be able to view live video feed, playback recorded footage, get alerts whenever an exterior door is opened, and much more, all from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Contact Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer by calling 866.364.5184 to have a home security system from MONI installed in your home!

Home Security Equipment

  • Touch Control Panels These display panels with touch capabilities make it easy to review and control settings for your alarm system. Besides changing alarm settings, you can set up automation schedules, check weather updates, and contact the MONI Alarm Response Center during an emergency.
  • Smart Door Locks Secure your home with smart automatic door locks.  The smart locks from August are accessible from any of your mobile devices and allows you to create virtual keys for family member and guests.
  • Motion Detectors Motion sensors track movement in your home or around your property alerting you of activity while you’re away.  These motion detectors are installed on doors and windows too in order to alert you of a break-in.
  • Security Cameras  Security cameras are a great deterrent to potential home intruders. You’ll be able to view the camera feeds from any of your smart devices and receive notifications of activity too.
  • Medical Alert Devices These wearable medical alert devices ensure you can contact the MONI Alarm Response Center at the touch of a button.  With the help of MONI and these alert pendants, you can be sure that you get help fast during a medical emergency.
  • Temperature Sensors Prevent flooding and extreme temperatures from damaging your home and belongings.  With temperature sensors installed in your home, you will receive notifications if flooding or drastic temperature changes are effecting your home.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors  CO detectors monitor the carbon monoxide in your home The system will alert you if it rises to dangerous levels that could harm you and your family.
  • Smoke Detectors Smoke detectors will ensure that fires do not endanger you or your home.  MONI Alarm Response Center responds to fire alarms 24/7 even if your security alarm is not armed so that emergency services can get to your home quickly.

Home Automation

MONI Home Automation System

Moni Home Automation Equipment

Manage Your Home With Ease When You Use Moni Home Automation Equipment.

Integrating home automation in with your security system allows you to have more flexibility when it comes to controlling different aspects of your home. Once the automation is connected to a security system, you gain access to even more custom automation capabilities. You’ll be able to change the temperature on the thermostat, unlock doors, and turn on specific lights just by disarming your alarm system when you arrive home. Access your home automation and security system information straight from your computer or mobile devices.

Contact Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer by calling 866.364.5184 to have home automation service installed in your home!

Home Automation Features

  • Keychain Remotes  A keychain remote allows you to arm and disarm your alarm system within 100 feet. Having a keychain remote handy ensures you can control the alarm system from a distance when necessary.
  • Lighting Control Control the lighting in your home with smart home controls that you can use in your home or while you are away. With MONI smart home automation, you have full customization capabilities to have lights turn on or off based on scheduled events.
  • Appliance Control Automate appliances around your home with smart appliance modules. Similar to the lighting controls, you decide when an appliance should turn on or off. Forget to turn off the TV before heading out for the night? You can check the status from your phone and switch it off remotely.
  • Smart Thermostat Smart thermostats can save you money by reducing energy costs when it comes to running the A/C and Heating in your home.  A smart thermostat tracks your energy usage and adjusts the temperature automatically depending on whether you are home or away to improve energy usage.