4 Reasons to Automate Your Home

Home Automation Keychain Control

Residential homeowners should consider the vast benefits of home automation. In a fast paced world, where people are constantly on the move, automating security, appliances, and lighting, can all relieve the stress of everyday activities. Some reasons you should automate your home include:

Cost Reduction

Forgot to turn the lights off? Kept the AC blasting throughout the night? There are any number of common mistakes people make that end up costing them on their utility and energy bills. Home automation eliminates the consequences of a bad memory, by allowing homeowners full control of their appliances. You can set schedules for individual appliances, to ensure that you won’t ever be spending unnecessary money on utilities.

Home Security

Have you ever forgotten whether or not you locked the front door? Did you ever second guess whether or not you closed the garage? With MONI Smart Security Source, you can monitor the activities around your home, from anywhere in the world. If you planned a week long vacation on the islands, you can check up on your home at your convenience. The peace of mind alone will help you enjoy your time away without unnecessary stress.

Increased Control

Have you ever wished you could turn the lights off without getting out of bed? With WiFi Lighting Controls from MONI, you can do just that. Set schedules for your lights, specified by each room, and enjoy the bill reduction, and the improved sleep schedules.

Personal Enjoyment

Automating your home in conjunction with Amazon Echo, can really add personal enjoyment for homeowners. The ease of use, and the ability to control various aspects of your home, really create a sense of enjoyment. To further discuss how to automate your home, give us a call at 866.364.5184