5 Home Security Benefits

Home Security BenefitsHome burglaries are considered one of the most common fears among homeowners. This fear is reasonable based on statistics that suggest a burglary takes place every 18 seconds. So what should a homeowner do about that fear? A good place to start by checking out our MONI security packages. We offer 3 options, Core, Connected, and Comprehensive. Call us at 866.364.5184. Below are 5 Burglary Facts:to consider when deciding on a home security system:

Constant Monitoring: MONI Home Security allows users to monitor their home activity remotely, via mobile devices. This way, intruders can be easily identified, and authorities can be called to the scene. The flexibility offered form the phone app allows homeowners to be thousands of mile away and still have a pair of eyes on the situation.

Crime Deterrent: The primary objective of a home security system is to deter criminal activity. So the only question becomes; does it actually work? Multiple studies and statistics suggest that it has a legitimate impact on the behavior of would-be robbers, who choose to retreat in many cases, in which an home security system was activated.

Danger Notification: Not every home issue relates with burglaries. In fact, gas or fire issues in your unoccupied home, might normally end up destroying your home. With MONI smart security you can have incidents like this monitored, and sent as notification if the situation becomes an emergency.

Insurance Rates: Home security systems can actually lower your home insurance rate, since it is often deemed as a protective measure against the home. Check with your carrier for further details on how a home security system can increase your financial well-being, as well as, peace of mind.

Property Protection: Not every burglary happens by a third party, and in fact, in some cases is by people close to you. A Home security system with surveillance will hep protect valuables, by always being aware of your home surroundings. If it is someone you know, it would be easy to identify the perpetrator, albeit awkward