Amazon Echo & Home Security

Home Security CameraAt MONI Smart Security Source, our packages come with a free Amazon Echo Dot. But how does one go about integrating the Echo with a home security system? There are a variety of ways in which this exciting new technology can contribute to both the security and enjoyment of your household. The primary feature is voice recognition. Amazon Echo Dot combined with Moni Smart Security can give homeowners voice activated security automation. You can command Alexa to:

  • Activate your alarm system
  • Lock doors
  • Record surveillance video
  • Turn on lights

This feature is not only pretty cool but it is also a valuable security addition. Being able to activate certain features without getting up can save you valuable time in an emergency security situation. It is also important to recognize the security risks that may arise. Ensure proper installation, and make sure you know how to make commands before you rely on it as your only security measure.

General Advantages to Home Automation

Aside from the security component, home automation from MONI Smart Security can help you with a variety of other home features. Some of them can even help you save money. Check out the list of home automation features:

  • Appliance Control: Dishwashers, washing machines, TV’s, the possibilities are endless
  • Keychain Control: Lock and unlock front doors, back doors, and garages
  • Lighting Control: You’re about to fall asleep and don’t want to get up, turn the lights off automatically
  • Thermostat Control: Save big on energy bills by automating your thermostat based on temperature

Each of these features provides homeowners with exciting new automation methods. The money you can save on energy bills alone, can make up for the expense of the home automation system. To further discuss the benefits of home automation, give us a call at 866.364.5184