Why You Should Automate Your Home Lighting Control

Many homeowners automate their Thermostats. It saves the hassle of having to adjust the temperature every time a subtle change occurs. But what about your home lighting control? Think about the health and safety benefits that could come with a properly automated home lighting system. Here are a few factors you may not have considered:


If your electricity bills are starting to pile up, lighting control can help you get them back down. How many times do homeowners forget to turn off a light after leaving a room? Don’t let your bad memory or laziness cost you money. With an automated home lighting system, you can ensure that you are only using the light you need, when you need it.


Smart Lamp Lighting Control.

Benefits of lighting control include; better sleep, bill savings, and more security

Many Americans struggle with sleep. Lack of proper sleep has become a national health crisis. One way to ensure better sleep is automated lighting control. Not only does excess lighting make it harder to sleep, but the disturbance of having to get up and turn the lights off can actually ruin your night. For many people, any disturbance in their process of falling asleep can cost them hours during the night. With an automated lighting system, you will get better sleep.


Many home burglars notice things such as lack of lighting change. If you’re vacationing out of town and the same one light is on in your house for weeks, that may not deter a burglar from trying their luck. With automated lighting control, nobody will easily suspect that your home is vacant. The lights will go on and off, just as they would if you were home and practicing your regular routine. For home lighting control, call us today at 866.364.5184.

4 Benefits Of a Smart Thermostat For Your Residential Home


Get More Out Of Your Thermostat With a Smart Thermostat For Your Home.

Home automation has become more and more popular as time has gone on. There are many home automation devices that help manage your home, with a smart thermostat being one of them. While it might not seem like a smart thermostat could do much, there are many benefits to investing in one. Here are five benefits to having a smarter thermostat for your home.

Learns Your Preferences

With traditional thermostats, you have to change the temperature whenever you want it to be hotter or cooler. With an automated thermostat, they learn your schedule and your preferences, so it changes the temperature for you.

Remote Access Control

One of the biggest benefits to a smart thermostat is that they are able to connect to your smartphone. By connecting your thermostat to your phone, you are able to get updates and alerts on the temperature changes or control your temperature wherever you are.

Saves Energy

Smart thermostats are incredibly efficient, making it easier for families to save on energy, as well as money every month. Because smart thermostats are able to learn your preferences, it can change the temperature when you are using too much energy.

Easy to Use

It might seem like smart thermostats would be hard to use because they do so much, but they are actually very easy to use.

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Dumbest Home Burglaries in America

Dumbest Home Burglaries

Burglar Breaking into a Home

Of course, we know that most burglars are the smartest, but take a look at some of the dumbest home burglaries in America!

Outsmarted by a Smartphone

A burglar broke into a Kansas City home, stealing a number of valuables, including the owner’s smartphone. He then thought it would be a good idea to use that same phone to attempt to make a call to phone sex hotline. But this burglar, not being too bright, ended up somehow taking several pictures of himself which the owner was able to see on another device. The criminal wasn’t hard to find these same pictures ended up on the evening news.

Facebook Burglar

Johnathan Parker decided to break into a home to snag a few diamond rings and other valuables. He also had the bright idea of checking his Facebook account on the homeowner’s computer, which he left! After getting away with the stolen goods, the homeowner returned and turned on his computer to discover someone named Johnathan Parker was still logged in. After discovering a few other items missing, he called the police and Parker wasn’t hard to find soon after.

Careless Criminal

A career criminal, Andrew Bawden was actually on his way home after just being bailed out for a number of other burglaries decided it would be a good idea to do a couple more, just for good measure of course. He may have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for him being so careless. At the scene of the buglary, Bawden’s sheet that had a list of his previous charges along with the DVD of his interview with the police was found. It wasn’t long before Bawden was picked up and booked, yet again.

So as you can see, most burglars aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box. But still and all, you want to make sure that your home remains safe from any and all home intruders and this is where a reliable home security system comes into play. Contact MONI Smart Security Source today to ensure the safety of your home and valuables. Dial 866.364.5184 to speak with us today!

How Deter And Stop Burglars

Photo of burglarsYour home is your safe place, your property. No one likes the idea that it may be broken into by a stranger and ransacked. However, statistics state that about every eighteen seconds a home is broken into and burgled. This is a terrifying thought for many home-owners who know their house is left empty for hours at a time. How do you go about your day when you think someone may be ready to break into your home? Believe it or not, there are many different ways you can deter burglars from considering your home as their next target.

Top Five Ways to Deter Burglars

Trick Them into Thinking Someone is Home

If no one is home, your house can look quite appealing to a burglar. However, most people cannot remain at home due to other commitments such as work, children, and even errands. How do you keep your home protected then? Confuse the criminal and make them think you are at home. Playing music, leaving lights on and, if possible, leaving your TV on will make them believe someone is inside the home that they cannot see.

Create a Neighborhood Watch Group

Band together with your neighbors for a better neighborhood. Neighborhood watches build stronger community ties as well as provide consistent protection from outside threats. Getting to know those who live around you and watching each other’s property will keep homes in your area safe. This way, while you are away, you can guarantee someone you know and who has good intentions has an eye on your home for you.

Whatever You Do – Don’t Hide A Key

Sometimes, family members and even you might forget your house keys. The temptation is to get one of those nifty hiding rocks or a brick to hide a spare key to help your family. However, this is also helping the burglar. As this is a common practice, burglars have learned to look for the helpful rock to help themselves. Instead, work out a plan with your neighbors and family for if this happens. Give your neighbor the spare key or have your family members give you a call to get back in the house.

Lock Every Part of Your Home

When you leave the house, you may check the front door to ensure it is locked. There is more than one way to enter a house. Burglars will try any available entry point to get to your valuables. Check your windows, doors, garage, and any other available point of entry. Make sure these are locked as well and that the lock is functioning properly.

Get a Home Security System

A home security system is a surefire way to keep burglars off of your property. Signage and sensors tell them that your house should not be messed with. Security systems and monitoring services for your home can bring the police and other emergency services in to take down the burglar. For this reason, security systems are a fantastic stopping tool.

With the threat of burglars out there, make sure you protect your home as best you can. When considering a home security service, make sure you receive state of the art equipment and affordable pricing.  Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer is your MONI smart security source. Call 866.364.5184 today for your MONI home security system today!