How Deter And Stop Burglars

Photo of burglarsYour home is your safe place, your property. No one likes the idea that it may be broken into by a stranger and ransacked. However, statistics state that about every eighteen seconds a home is broken into and burgled. This is a terrifying thought for many home-owners who know their house is left empty for hours at a time. How do you go about your day when you think someone may be ready to break into your home? Believe it or not, there are many different ways you can deter burglars from considering your home as their next target.

Top Five Ways to Deter Burglars

Trick Them into Thinking Someone is Home

If no one is home, your house can look quite appealing to a burglar. However, most people cannot remain at home due to other commitments such as work, children, and even errands. How do you keep your home protected then? Confuse the criminal and make them think you are at home. Playing music, leaving lights on and, if possible, leaving your TV on will make them believe someone is inside the home that they cannot see.

Create a Neighborhood Watch Group

Band together with your neighbors for a better neighborhood. Neighborhood watches build stronger community ties as well as provide consistent protection from outside threats. Getting to know those who live around you and watching each other’s property will keep homes in your area safe. This way, while you are away, you can guarantee someone you know and who has good intentions has an eye on your home for you.

Whatever You Do – Don’t Hide A Key

Sometimes, family members and even you might forget your house keys. The temptation is to get one of those nifty hiding rocks or a brick to hide a spare key to help your family. However, this is also helping the burglar. As this is a common practice, burglars have learned to look for the helpful rock to help themselves. Instead, work out a plan with your neighbors and family for if this happens. Give your neighbor the spare key or have your family members give you a call to get back in the house.

Lock Every Part of Your Home

When you leave the house, you may check the front door to ensure it is locked. There is more than one way to enter a house. Burglars will try any available entry point to get to your valuables. Check your windows, doors, garage, and any other available point of entry. Make sure these are locked as well and that the lock is functioning properly.

Get a Home Security System

A home security system is a surefire way to keep burglars off of your property. Signage and sensors tell them that your house should not be messed with. Security systems and monitoring services for your home can bring the police and other emergency services in to take down the burglar. For this reason, security systems are a fantastic stopping tool.

With the threat of burglars out there, make sure you protect your home as best you can. When considering a home security service, make sure you receive state of the art equipment and affordable pricing.  Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer is your MONI smart security source. Call 866.364.5184 today for your MONI home security system today!