MONI Smart Home Security Packages


Core Home Security Package

Home Security

Secure your home with a smart security system from MONI. The Core package comes with a 4G LTE wireless security system. Whenever there is an emergency where your security system goes off, the MONI security system will be able to alert a representative at the MONI Alarm Response Center as soon as possible.

Home Safety

With the Core Package, customers are able to get 24/7 monitoring from representatives at the MONI Alarm Response Center. Home safety monitoring from MONI keeps you and your family safe in the event of medical emergencies, break-ins, and even when there are fires or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. In the event of an emergency, the MONI Alarm Response Center as able to take immediate action.

Additional Features

The Core package not only includes a 4G LTE wireless security system and 24/7 monitoring, but it also had a two-way voice through the alarm panel. This allows you to speak with a representative at the MONI Alarm Response Center when an alarm or safety monitor is triggered in your home.

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Connected Home Security Package

Home Security

Keep your home secure whether you are at home or on the go with a smart home security system you can access from any mobile device through the Connected Home Security package. The home security equipment provided includes a 4G LTE wireless security system. This device helps to ward off potential intruders and alerts the MONI Alarm Response Center if the alarm is triggered.

Home Safety

The Connected package includes safety features for your home to keep your family and house protected. The Connected package comes with MONI’s award-winning 24/7 monitoring service. MONI monitoring uses ASAPer, an online messaging terminal for MONI’s residential customers. When your alarm is set off, the MONI Alarm Response Center so that trained personnel are notified of emergencies 24/7 to make sure that local emergency services are dispatched on time.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring, you are able to get two-way in your alarm panel. This allows customers to contact and speak to a MONI Alarm Response representative whenever there is an emergency situation.

Additional Features

Since the Connected home security package is able to connect the security system to a smartphone through the MONI mobile app, there are a few reasons that make this feature so great.

  • Customers are able to arm and disarm their security systems through their MONI smartphone app.
  • Texts and notifications can be sent to a smartphone, letting you know when an alarm has been triggered or another system has been set off.

With the ability to monitor and control your home security through your phone, you will have better peace of mind and comfort.

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Comprehensive Home Security Package

Home Security

With the MONI Comprehensive home security package are able to get the best home security imaginable. Customers are able to receive a 4G LTE wireless security system, which will help get into contact with the MONI Alarm Response representative in case of a break-in or immediate emergency. This device is an important part of home security, that will be able to deter intruders and make you feel safer in your home.

Home Safety

Home monitoring devices are an essential part of any home security system. It ensures that someone is always at the ready to help you and your family during an emergency 24/7. MONI Comprehensive Package comes with 24/7 monitoring, from the award winning Alarm Response Center. Representatives are able to take action whenever devices are set off with 24/7 monitoring.

Customers will not only get 24/7 monitoring but a faster alarm responsiveness with ASAper, a licensed technology that allows customers to use online messaging to resolve an emergency issue.

The Comprehensive Package also comes with two-way voice capabilities that allows you to communicate with MONI Alarm Response team members through your alarm system control panel.

Home Automation

The Comprehensive package gives customers the choice to use their smartphone to control and monitor their security systems with the MONI smartphone app. When customers purchase the Comprehensive package, they are able to arm and disarm systems through their MONI app and get texts and notifications when systems are triggered.

With these home automation features through the MONI mobile app, customers can view live and recorded footage from their phone, as well as have smartphone and voice control of these MONI devices:

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