MONI Smart Alarm Monitoring

MONI Smart Security offers award winning alarm monitoring services to keep you and your home safe and secure 24/7

An alarm can scare off intruders and alert nearby neighbors of trouble at your home, but what happens if you’re not home or no one is around to hear the alarm? Alarm monitoring ensures that your home is protected no matter what. Once the alarm goes off, a certified operator at the MONI Alarm Response Center will get a notification to alert them of a problem at your home. The operator will then attempt to contact you and dispatch the local authorities to your house if necessary.

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Award Winning Service

Moni Security CSAA Certified.

Moni Smart Security Is Certified Through CSAA.

The alarm monitoring service from MONI Smart Security is certified through Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). They’ve received the Five-Diamond Certification which is given to less than 3% of national alarm monitoring companies. This certification is achieved through consistent quality and prompt responses from our highly-trained operators.

Alarm Monitoring is available in all three of the current smart home security packages offers. Home monitoring service includes:

  • Home intruder alerts
  • Fire and smoke alarm detection
  • CO2 detection
  • Flood and freeze detection

With alarm monitoring you can rest easy knowing that you, your family, and your possession are safe with MONI’s monitoring team at the ready for any emergency.

You Can Count on MONI Alarm Monitoring Operators

Moni Alarm Monitoring Operators

Moni Operators Get Hands-On Training and Stay Up-to-Date on Emergency Procedures.

All of the operators at the MONI Alarm Response Center go through extensive training to prepare them for emergency situations that could arise. Training consists of over 96 hours of classroom instruction and eight weeks of hands-on training and mentoring. Even after training, operators stay up-to-date emergency protocols with continued education and completes regular quality assurance evaluations to make sure they are always prepared for an emergency.

Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer is a dealer of MONI Smart Security home security and automation plans. We do not have alarm monitoring personnel. If you need to reach the MONI Customer Care department, please contact them at 800.447.9239.