MONI Smart Security Equipment

Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer uses equipment from top home security manufacturers to ensure that our customers have reliable alarm systems that they can count on. All of the security equipment provided in our home security bundles are all compatible to work together so your home is secured through a single automated system you can control from anywhere. Call 866.364.5184 to find out which MONI home security system is right for you.

  • Touch Control Panels Touch display control panels from MONI makes it easy to setup and control your alarm system. These control panels let you access your alarm settings, sends you weather updates, and allows you to communicate with the MONI Alarm Response Center.
  • Smart Door Locks Keep your home secure with automatic door locks. Smart locks can be accessed from your security control panel or any of your mobile devices. That way you never have to worry about forgetting and leaving a door unlocked again.
  • Motion Detectors Motion sensors installed around your home and yard enables your alarm system to notify you of movement on your property. Motion detectors can be installed on doors and windows in your home as well to alert you when someone has opened one.
  • Security Cameras View and record live video of activity in and around your home. You can use an indoor security camera to track people coming in and out of your home. The alarm system can notify of activity too.
  • Medical Alert Devices These wearable medical alert devices ensure you can contact the MONI Alarm Response Center at the touch of a button.  With the help of MONI and these alert pendants, you can be sure that you get help fast during a medical emergency.
  • Temperature Sensors Prevent damage to your home caused by flooding or extreme temperatures.  With temperature sensors installed in your home, alert notifications due to floods or drastic temperature changes will be sent to you and the MONI monitoring center.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors CO detectors monitor the carbon monoxide in your home The system will alert you if it rises to dangerous levels that could harm you and your family.
  • Smoke Detectors Smoke detectors will ensure that fires do not endanger you or your home. MONI monitoring center will respond to fire alarms even if your security alarm is not engaged so that emergency services can get to your home fast.
Moni Smart Home Security

For More Safety and Comfort In Your Home, Turn to Moni Smart Home Security.

A smart home security system gives you a better sense of safety and comfort in your home by deterring home invasions. It also helps to prevent hazardous situations due to fire, flooding, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Contact Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer by phone 866.364.5184 to get your MONI home security system installed.