Automated Door Locks

Did you know that most home break-ins happen during the day when burglars think you are away? That’s why we offer smart locks for your home. MONI uses the August Smart Lock and August Connect to ensure your home is secured, no matter where you are.

Home Smart Lock from August

Make Unlocking Your Door Easier with the August Smart Lock.

August Connect

Know Who Comes In and Out of Your Door with the August Connect.

What can smart door locks do for you?

See who is at the door – even when your not at home! With the smartphone companion app, you can receive notifications anytime someone comes to the door or unlocks it. The app will even allow you to unlock the door remotely so you can let guests in while you’re away.

Moni Lever Lock

Remotely Lock and Unlock Your Front Door with the Moni Lever Lock.

Automated lock and unlock mechanism. Now you don’t need your keys to get into your home. Once you approach the automated lock with your synced mobile device, the door will unlock for you and lock up again once you are inside.

Create virtual keys not copies of keys. With connected smart door locks, you’ll never have to go have key copies created again. Just add virtual access to each person you want to authorize entry into your home. You can even use temporary guest passes to allow services in and delete the access code once it’s no longer needed.

Moni Deadbolt

Check the Status Of Your Front Door From Your Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet.

Track the activity in and out of your home. Every time the door is opened, it is tracked in an activity log so you can see when the door is opened and who opened it based on the virtual key used to get in. Want to know when the kids get home from school? No problem! You can set up alerts to let you know as soon as the door has been opened.

Never forget to lock the door again. With smart locks for your home, you never have to wonder if the door is locked. You can set the doors to lock automatically at a certain time after they’ve been unlocked and check the status of the lock from your smartphone.

Skybell Video Doorbell Integration

Skybell Video Doorbell

With An HD Camera, Homeowners Will Know Who Is At the Door.

Pairing the Skybell with your automatic door locks means you can see guests and let them in – all from the app! Skybell uses a HD video camera along with motion detection to alert you when someone is at your door. You can use the two-way voice connection to speak to visitors and record both video and images of activity all while you’re away from the house.

Interested in having smart door locks installed in your home? Contact Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer now at 866.364.5184.

Smart door locks are available in the Hometouch Premier security package and an optional add-on in the the Hometouch security bundle. Find out which MONI security package is right for you by checking out our security package comparison.