Motion Sensors

Security motion sensors are a great way to add more security to your home or business. While alarm systems are our number one defense against intruders, motion detectors enable further security to our homes. At Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer our sensors are connected to security systems and will be able to alert our Alarm Response Center if they detect any unusual motion. Call Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer today to speak with a representative about motion sensor types and installation.

There are different types of motion detectors for specific areas of your home. All sensors sync with your alarm system to provide additional protection coverage.

Motion Detector

Optimal Protection with a Motion Detector.

Motion Sensors Infrared motion sensor provides protection within your home, as well as the outside and your garage. Motion sensors are able to detect motion up to a range of 35 feet and will trigger an alarm if there is any movement. Since there have been many technological advances in sensors, a motion sensor is able to differentiate between humans and animals, which will prevent false alarms.


Door Sensor

Signal the Control Panel If A Door or Window Is Forced Open.

Door and Window Sensors If your doors or windows are forced open while you are away, the sensor will be able to send a signal to your control panel. When the control panel is triggered, it will send an alert to our Alarm Response Center. Door and window sensors can be installed to any door or window in your home.


Glass Break Sensor

Install Near Windows for Greater Protection.

Glass Break Detector Glass break detectors usually use a microphone to catch the sound of vibrating or breaking glass. These are installed on walls near windows, and are great sensors to protect your home against intruders breaking through glass entry ways.



Pet Sensor

Tell the Difference Between An Intruder and Your Pet.

Pet-Immune Motion Sensor This sensor can tell the difference between humans and pets using an infrared sensor. Your pets will be able to move around freely without signaling your security system.



Shock Sensor

A Shock Sensor Will Prevent Intruders From Entering Your Home.

Shock Sensor Intruders who try to force their way into your home won’t get very far with a shock sensor. This type of sensor can detect movement made from a burglar trying to break in through doors and windows.



Garage Door Sensor

Receive Text Alerts When Your Garage Door Has Been Left Open.

Garage Sensor When a garage opens or closes, the sensor will send an alert to your phone and the MONI Alarm Response Center. They are installed on the interior side of garage doors.



Interested in motion sensor installation? Call Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer at 866.364.5184 today! All of our security packages include door & window sensors, but packages can be customized to add more sensors to your security plan. We offer three security package plans that will be able to meet the needs of all our customers. Get in touch with Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer to learn more about our security packages.