Recovering from Home Burglary

Home Burglar

Alarm Systems are Known to Prevent Home Robberies

Only 17% of United States homes have a security system. Yet, 66% of all burglaries are home invasions, typically through an unlocked door or window. What’s worse, home security alarms make your home 300% less likely to be invaded. If you have been the victim of a home burglary, your solution should be to invest in MONI Smart Security. Consider these steps for recovering from home burglary:

Avoid Denial

Home invasions and/or robberies can be very traumatic for residents. Because of this, victims of this crime have a tendency to live in denial for a certain period after the break-in. While it might seem like it’s helping, it is actually hurting you from a mental health standpoint. The best thing to do is to acknowledge that it happened, so that you can start the recovery process.

Get Help

There is no shame in pursuing counseling after a traumatic home break-in. Professional therapists are trained to help you work through the emotional trauma, and put you in position to fully recover. You may not think you need counseling for an incident, but it could be your denial creeping into your mind.

Take Action

Once you start working through the shock of the home invasion, you can begin to improve your home security to prevent future incidents. MONI Smart Security Source offers a variety of Home Security Packages, so that you can begin to live with peace of mind once again. You can even look at the non-threatening features of MONI Smart Security like Home Automation to keep your mind focused on our exciting home technology. For speak with a MONI Security Expert, call 866.364.5184.