MONI Smart Home Automation

There are many aspects to home automation including security, energy savings management, accessing your home, and more. Having these all interconnected through the MONI Smart Home system, means you have total control of your home available to you through your smartphone. All of your home information, from the current temperature to the status of door locks, is easy to view and change no matter where you are. These are just some of the items you’ll receive as part of your new MONI smart home automation system:

Complete your smart home connectivity with home automation from MONI!

  • Keychain Remotes Use your keychain remote to interact with your smart security system and automated door locks. Having a keychain remote will ensure you always have control of your MONI system on hand – even just as a back up to stay connected to your system if your phone battery dies.
  • Lighting Control Control which lights are on or off in your home, whether you are sitting on the couch in your living room or sitting in your office at work! With MONI smart home automation, you can even set up schedules to control lighting based on dates and times.
  • Appliance Control Automate appliances around your home with smart appliance modules Similar to the lighting controls, you can decide when appliances such as your coffee maker or TV should be on or off and even set up your home automation system to control them for you.
  • Smart Thermostat Save money and energy when you switch to a smart thermostat.  Using a smart thermostat allows you to track your energy usage and adjust the temperature settings in your home for better savings.
Home Automation App

Have More Control With the Smartphone App.

Having a smart home automation system will allow you to simplify your daily routines. Leaving the house for the day? With the touch of a button, you can: arm your security system, turn off any lights and appliances you may have left on, set the thermostat, and lock the doors. Instead of walking through the house to check on these things, you’ll be able to check the status of all your connected devices from your phone.

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MONI Smart Home Automation equipment is included in the HomeTouch and HomeTouch Premier home security packages. Click here to learn more about current MONI Smart Security offers.