Keychain Remotes

Keychain remotes are available as part of HomeTouch and HomeTouch Premier packages for additional control of your home security system. If you would like to learn more about MONI security systems, contact Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer today and we will be happy to go over the available home security options and how you can use them to make your home safe and secure. You can reach us at 866.364.5184.

Alarm System Remote

Keychain Alarm Remote

Ability To Arm and Disarm System with A Button.

Keychain remotes allow you to interact with your home security system from up to 100 feet away. This gives you the ability to arm or disarm your alarm system as you leave or enter your home. This device is great to have on hand in case you have trouble accessing the control panel or need a back up, portable remote in the event that your smartphone ran out of battery.

Using Your Remote with Smart Home Automation

When you have a MONI Smart Security system with home automation integrated, using your keychain remote gives you the ability to not only switch the alarm system on or off, but any custom automation triggers you have set up will run too.

Home Automation Keychain Control

Use Your Keychain Remote For Home Automation Control.

You’ve gotten in the car and are getting ready to head to work when you realize you forgot to arm the security system. Sitting at the end of your driveway, you can use your keychain remote to quickly arm the system. If you have connected home automation, arming your security system could trigger your doors to lock, lights to turn off, and set your smart thermostat. All of this is done in seconds so you’ll be on your way to work in no time.

It works great for those moments when you have so much to carry into your home you don’t have an extra hand to get in the door. Once you disarm the system, you can have your MONI Smart system set up to unlock the doors and turn on the hallway lights.

Panic Button Remote


Keychain Panic Remote

Immediately Sound An Alarm to Deter Intruders.

MONI Smart Security systems also include a keychain panic button. Small enough to carry around in a pocket or your purse, this device works as a deterrent from attackers or intruders. When you use the panic button, it will immediately sound a loud alarm to scare off your attacker and send an alert to the MONI Alarm Response Center.

Want to add extra security to your home with a MONI Smart Security from Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer? Contact our team today at 866.364.5184 to learn more about MONI home security and it’s many features including keychain remotes. You can also view the current MONI home security plans here on our website.