Wi-Fi Appliance Controls

Smart Appliance Module

Control Small Appliances With the Appliance Module.

HomeTouch allows you to control small appliances through out your home with a touch of a button! The Z-Wave Plug-in Appliance Module connects to small appliances that you would plug into a standard wall outlet. Once the module is activated you have the ability to control the appliance remotely from your smart phone, trigger it through your security system, or even set up an automated schedule through the app so it turns on and off at a designated time.

Benefits of Smart Appliance Control

Small Coffee Pot Appliance Control

The Appliance Module Can Turn Off Small Appliances Like A Coffee Pot.

There are plenty of opportunities for using an appliance module in your home. Want the coffee pot to come on at the same time every morning and shut off once you leave work? Forget to turn off the TV before you left for dinner? With the Smart Plug-in, you can automate your day and remotely control items in your home no matter where you are. It helps you save money on your electricity bill too! Some appliances will continue to use electricity, even when you’re not using them. With a plug-in module, you schedule these items to turn off when you’re not home. If the modules are connected to your alarm system, you can even have them turn off automatically when the system is armed and turn back on after the alarm is disarmed.

Hands-free Appliance Control with Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Appliance Control

Control Small Appliances Around Your Home with Amazon Echo.

Take it a step further and control your appliances through voice control by using Amazon Echo. Not only can you assign voice commands to turn devices on and off, Alexa can even let you know whether the garage door is open or a light was left on upstairs. Take advantage of hands-free control of your home with MONI Smart Home Automation and Amazon Echo.

Smart Home Solutions from Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer

Want to set up connected devices throughout your home? MONI offers two home security and home automation packages, HomeTouch and HomeTouch Premier, that can add smart appliance controls to your smart home set up. Contact Smart Security Source - MONI Authorized Dealer by calling 866.364.5184 to learn more about our home security offers and find out which one is right for your home.